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1987) Tax
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RIP Iain Burgess

Gioved? 11 febbraio Iain Burgess ci ha lasciati. Da pochi mesi gli era stato diagnosticato un tumore al pancreas e al fegato.
Iain era un grande amico, ho registrato con lui nel suo studio francese Black Box i due album degli Angeli e a Pisa al Westlink un disco dei Fluxus. Avevamo gi? cercato di lavorare insieme ai tempi dei Negazione ma non se ne fece purtroppo nulla.
Oltre all'enorme esperienza e bravura specialmente nel registrare gruppi punk rock con chitarre ad altissimo volume, ma anche per l'approccio umano in studio e fuori, lo voglio ricordare soprattutto per il suo senso dell'umorismo, per le risate e le bevute fatte insieme, per essere stato una persona speciale nel percorso della mia vita.
Mi manchi tanto, ti ricorder? per sempre.

MarcoNegazione Thursday, 18 February 2010 21:13
I'm listening to D.O.A. and we would make fun. A kind fun of this. As a lot, almost all kinda things. To make this a bit clear, my name is Marco Mathieu, but for a big, important slice of my life, I've been MarcoNegazione as I played bass for this band. I live and work now in Milano as a journalist. And, most important of it all, I was called the-dalai-lama from my friend, yes I call him like this even if we di not meet in a long time. My friend Ian. He called me that because of my practicin' buddhsim and the reason I'm writing this is because he had the capacity of dealing everything with irony. Everything. From buddhism to D.O.A. Including himself. Then of course myself, ourselves. Iain was more than special. Not just for the music he recorded and produced (and we listened) back in the days. Not just for the willing of meeting, knowing and possibly working together that became a real intention in the "salad days of Negazione. It continued, actually. We (me and Tax, the guitar player and only and real genius of our band, but to me my brother and that's enough) had the privilege of working with him on another project. Called Fluxus: one voice, one drums, two bass and three guitar. Later on, I got the chance to be the driver and the plus-one in the Angeli (later on band from tax) travelling-recording session to the Iaian (and Peter) studio in northern France. Wow. What a place. What a studio. What an atmosphere. I'll never forget the sound, I'll never forget tha wine, I'll never forget the laughs. Anyway, these are the facts. Because, about the sound that Iain was able to work on whoever had the luck to work with him, can say more. About the human being, his sense of irony, the loudenss and the sensible touch in his approach, and the way he cared, I hardly find the words. Iain, you're so #@*%!in special (and loud). So #@*%!in' brit-amer-european as he was/became. He was (and still is, alive in my/our memory) so intensely and sweetly universal. #@*%! you Iain, dalai lama is missing you. I'm still practicing buddhism. I'm not so much travellimg for journalism anymore. Especially because I could not make it to the mecca of noisy sound again. But I kept and will keep yourself (besides D.O.A. and all the music we love) deep in my heart. Love you. Cheers. And always respect. MarcoNegazione
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