(08.24.1964 - 06.13.2003)
The smile behind her camera. And more, much more than that.
Naomi offered a place to stay and a photo session to Negazione during that strange and miserable american tour of the 1990 summer. At that time she lived in Arlington, Virginia, after moving some time before from Los Angeles where she grow up also working for SST - much more than a record label, a cretive and rebel brand for all what made history in rock since the beginning of the Eighties. Black Flag, Meat Puppets, Minutemen, Bad Brains, Descendents, Saint Vitus, Sonic Youth: just to drop a few names. Bands and artists like those and many others standing, moving, playing in front of Naomi camera. Being the black and white witness of that era. But also more than that: Naomi's also been an incredibly energetic, sensible person. Full of joy of life. So coloured, even if she liked to wear (looking so good) in black. Her photos made history of punk-rock, hardcore and so much rock too. In the background, clubs and studios, wasted rehersal rooms, abandoned railways, palm trees and even cemetieries: all the urban scenography offered by american cities in those years of rebel music. From those images music and musician were always the core, essential centre, even crude, at its best anyway. From California to the East Coast, where we met her, finding out how many things we had in common. A matter of sensitivity of the heart as of films and instruments, but also a jokin' attitude good enough to cross those years, the burning of punk rock and all the consequences. In the USA as in Europe, includin' Torino. Involvment, enthusiasm. Behind a camera or an instrument, not a big difference in those years. I found even more and was burning together with her in a deep and intense love, someway unforgettable. But this is just apparently another story. Naomi's life, as mine and Tax or Zazzo went then on thru different life intineraries, not always the easier ones. Too much far away from that fire that kept and still keeps on burning inside everyone of us. What really matters here is that since more than two years Naomi's dead. And we missed her. I missed her. A lot.

marconegazione, 1 novembre 2005

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Essay by Joe Carducci on Naomi and SST

Photo Session Washington, DC, estate 1990.