Marco from Negazione was interviewed in November, in Los Angeles by AI.

Al: How much have you been touring?

Marco: In the last two years, most of that time was spent touring all over Europe, except for England and Scandinavia where we will go in the new year. We have been to all the European scenes, and not just the hardcore scene more In general. It's very interesting the communications you can have with people!

Al: When you got to say Germany, how do you communicate with them, do you speak German?

Marco: No, all those people speak english, especially in Northern Europe most people speak english, so we had to learn english. We just learned on tour! I think it is very important to talk with the people, and if we're going to play somewhere, sometimes it's more important what's happening before and after the show than on stage. Because on stage you don't have that possibility to talk directly with the people - and these things you can do before and after the show. Everybody in Negazione likes to do that, and not consider the band and the audience as separate.

Al: Now that your LP is out, do you see any direction changes for your music?

Marco: As always there is no particular direction that we decide, it's just what we feel. A lot of people have different ideas about our band, but I can't see any kind of label on our music - I don't want that either - hardcore punk, spaedmetal... It's up to everyone to listen to the record and like it or not. Musically I don't know what will be next, but for sure It will be the same kind of attitude. You can play fast, you can play slow stuff, metal, funk, reggae but the attitude Is the attitude.