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Italian band, NEGAZIONE, recently released their second full album, 'Little Dreamer' & played a Europe Tour to celebrate. Veering between Corrosion of Conformity-style thrash & a slower, harder sound akin to the likes of Gore, Negazione present some great, confident music, proving that - beyond a doubt -their spirit certainly continues.
We were able to speak to bassist Marco for a brief time before their London gig at (where else?) the George Robey.

So how's Italy these days

"It's sunny ...the sea's nice! No, you mean for music and stuff, don't you? Errr, well, Italy's never really had a very strong underground music scene. Some towns such as Milan, are good but in other places you will just get the police shutting you down if you try to play. Some places are starting to open to hardcore bands. There's not much trouble at gigs 'cos people usually have to wait so long for each show that they're just interested in enjoying themselves."

Many European bands seems to be quite politically conscious in their lyrics & material - Do you think that this is true of Italy?

'Well, I don't think we are a political band but we do write about our feelings; about the state of mind, you know, and our approach to reality. In my opinion, that is more political, than just shouting out , 'This RIGHT,that is WRONG!'. Everybody can see with their own eyes as to what is good & bad, but what is important is getting people into the right state of mind to be able to see what is right or wrong for themselves.'

How easy have you found it to arrange gigs outside of your home country?

"Now, it 'a really good.. We started playing out of Italy in 1984, which was through contacting friends abroad. Now that people know more about us it's a lot easier. We play more outside of Italy than at home. Hopefully, we will also be over to America later this year, as well!! I've been there on my own & it was great - I think it would be great to see how the band would go down over there. We always like to play in new places. We'd love to go to Australia and Japan & we're working on that at the moment!

What sort of music do you listen to yourself?

"I listen to so many different bands, but very few hardcore ones, I think. I like a lot of metal black-music like Public Enemy, stuff like the Violent Femmes. I like stuff like Big Blank a iot ....we can get hold of foreign records quite easily. A lot of bands are actually coming over to Italy these days as well."

Negazione's show was excellent (it even got old Riche moshing.') (Hey, lessa the 'old', Pigpoo!-Ed). And, if you missed their shows, be sure to hear their LP because it's a SCORCHER!